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Conejo Oaks
Conejo Oaks Baseball Club, EST 2006
Summer 2024
The Conejo Oaks is a summer collegiate baseball organization that assists in the development of college baseball players throughout the United States. The Oaks are sponsored by Amateur Baseball Development Group (ABDG), a non-profit organization founded in the summer of 2004 by Mike Scioscia, Kevin Muno and Randy Riley. The Conejo Oaks are a member of the very respected California Collegiate League. The Conejo Oaks play a 35-40 game schedule during the summer, focusing on player development. 
How to Apply

Click on a Job Title below and read the Job Description
Click on Internship Application
IF you are applying to the Broadcaster/Producer position or the PA Announcer intern you will also need to send in tapes or links to tapes to conejooaksinfo@gmail.com and Cc makennasoliz1@gmail.com
If you are having trouble uploading your resume you can send it directly to conejooaksinfo@gmail.com after filling out application

- Position is unpaid but college credits/hours can be earned upon request
- Position is from June 6 - August 4. 
- Hours vary from game to game 
- Away games hours vary on location
- Check the game schedule before applying 
- Letter of recommendations can be written at the end of season upon request and dependent on job performance
- Interns will have the opportunity to interact with members of the professional, collegiate and amateur baseball
- Out of area interns are responsible for finding their own housing
Broadcast/Production Internship - Positions Filled
Social Media Internship - Positions Filled 
Game Day Operation Internship - 5 Positions Open
Statistical Analysis/Scouting Internship - Position Filled
Positions open until filled
If you are having trouble downloading the application please email conejooaksinfo@gmail.com directly.
Team Photographer - 1 Position Open
Equipment/Clubhouse Assistant Intern - Position Filled
PA Announcer Intern - Position Filled
Official Scorekeeper/PointStreak Internship - 2 Positions Open